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Henny  Abraham
Your Choice for District 73 Assembly

Representing Costa Mesa, Irvine, & Tustin 

Hengameh (Henny) Abraham, a wife, mother & an entrepreneur, has been a proven leader of the community. She has been an avid advocate for school choice and making sure every child is provided quality education regardless of their zip code or families economic status. She has been a fighter for small businesses since the devastation of Covid19 in March of 2020 forced so many of them out of business or out of our beautiful county and state. She is an advocate for small and transparent government, lower taxes, quality education in our schools, addressing homelessness effectively, and putting Californian’s needs ahead of corporate and special interest groups.


Henny is not a career politician and her commitment is only to her constitutions as she is not beholden to big companies like her opponent is.


Henny was born and raised in Iran until she was 14 years old when she immigrated to the US with her parents. As the only child of immigrant parents she understands first hand the struggles and challenges of the minority communities of District 73. She is hoping to represent not only the Iranian community in Sacramento but  but all the constituents in the district regardless of race or background.


Henny is a graduate of Marian  Bergeson Series Class of 2022 and the co-founder and chairwoman of Greater Costa Mesa Republicans. She has been involved with Trellis as one of the 6 group leaders of their neighboring initiative program and is a project leader of Love Costa Mesa Day. She was an ambassador for the Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce in 2021.


Please join us in supporting her campaign for District 73 for California Assembly which includes the cities of Costa Mesa, Irvine and Tustin. Please explore the website to learn more about Henny, her prior work, and the policies she will stand behind.

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Please contact Hengameh with your questions, comments, or concerns.

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